Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Coming This Fall: New book to help you achieve policy goals

This is the working cover for the new book on advocacy for physicians and staff. This book was developed from Joel's work training physicians through medical societies and specialty organizations. He's available to consult and keynote for your medical group.
Inside the book, and coming up in this blog, you'll find interviews with politicians, physicians, medical staff managers, association execs, lobbyists, medical students, academics and others. You'll see how you can influence public policy, get legislation passed or stopped, raise money to support candidates... all the things needed to have an impact. Stay tuned for practical tips and techniques to help you achieve your policy goals.
You can also ask Joel your questions about what works to influence elected officials (Hint: Money helps, but it's not enough by itself.)
You will learn about three ways to make your money most effective.
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