Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Zeke Emanuel: Scrapping Health Care System

Zeke Emanuel, brother of Rahm and therefore one degree away from the President, recently spoke to the Commonwealth Club of California and laid out his 10-point plan for health care reform (really, revolution).

Here are the basics:

1. Citizens get a government voucher to pay for standard basic insurance.
2. Everybody is covered, people have a choice of plans.
3. Funded by a value-added tax dedicated for this purpose.
4. Supplemental insurance available for those who want it.
5. Private sector organizes and delivers health care.
6. Tax deduction for employer insurance is phased out.
7. Phase out Medicare and Medicaid; no new enrollees.
8. Administration by a health board similar to Federal Reserve.
9. Create and institute to evaluate technology and outcomes.
10. Malpractice reform and centers for patient safety.

To watch the whole speech and Q and A in high quality video, go to

You can also access a four-minute version of the 10 points.


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