Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Lobbying: High Touch Beats High Tech

Physicians and practice staff are like politicians in one important way: Their days are 150% full.

Just as physicians want more time with patients, politicians wish they had more time to spend talking with constituents.

It's just like John Naisbitt predicted in "Megatrends": The more high tech we become, the more we value high touch.

This shows up particularly with politicians who are very people oriented. Lyndon Johnson used to call it "pressing the flesh," something he lusted for.

In today's world of politics despite -- or probably because of -- Twitter, Facebook, e-mail and all the other techno multipliers, personal contact and relationships are more powerful than ever.

I don't see politicians making policy decisions based on Tweets, cell phone videos or floods of email. Has Obama's vaunted list of emails helped move Congress his way on health care?

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