Monday, January 19, 2009

Doctors using letters to editor - very effective, if...

Two letters to the editor make good points in the Baltimore sun July 31:

"If Medicare altered its reimbursement system by rewarding preventive care and giving a smaller financial incentive to tests and procedures, not only would the cost of health care drop without any decline in quality but the altered financial incentives might prompt more medical students to pursue primary care fields."
Dr. Andy Lazris

"Under (the current) system, excess blood tests, EKGs, X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, etc., will be ordered with increasing frequency, no matter what else happens."
Dr. Edmund J. MacLaughlin

This is an effective tactic to get out your message, but you need to make sure the letters are read by appropriate elected officials. I recommend you cut out the newspaper masthead (that gives the name and date), put it with your letter, copy it, then fax to your representative and senator with a cover letter to them. Call to make sure it got there and -- most important -- ask for action.

Otherwise they may never see it and they will not respond.

Full text of letters at,0,1240881.story

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