Wednesday, January 21, 2009

OP-ed pieces: very effective, if...

Here's an excerpt from an excellent op-ed (opposite the editorial page) article in Long Island Newsday by a hospice volunteer. The full article is personal, detailed and local, full of restrained and powerful emotion.

"I know from my own and others' experience that hospice is an important option for a terminally ill patient and his or her family to be able to choose...

"But this choice is being threatened by the Bush administration, which, as a cost-cutting measure, plans to reduce Medicare reimbursement rates to hospices so severely that some may be forced out of business and others to reduce their services..."

Full text of article:,0,6538603.story

Just as with letters to the editor (see below), the writer, and as many others as you can muster, need to send a copy to senators and representatives you can vote for and request action and request a response. Fax works best and it's important to call and make sure someone got it. That demonstrates you are serious. Anything less gives elected officials and their staff permission to do nothing.

Remember, your goal with PR techniques like this is to get action from members of Congress. If that doesn't happen, it doesn't matter how many people read and agree with you.

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