Sunday, January 25, 2009

Patients suffer as care, coverage limits collide

‘Most doctors don’t start people on medications because they like to start medicines,’ says Dr. Jack Brunner, a Toledo endocrinologist. ‘They have specific reasons and goals for the patient.’


The Toledo Blade's investigative team set out to examine whether patients are getting the care their doctors ordered. No doctor or practice manager will be surprised. Take this series of articles to your local newspaper and show them how to tell the story about current health care.


A nationwide survey of doctors by the Toledo Blade shows they increasingly feel that insurance companies erode the doctor-patient relationship and often prevent patients from getting necessary care by second guessing doctors' decisions.

The rising costs of health care procedures has led insurers to constrain treatment options available to doctors in an attempt to hold costs down, according to the majority of doctors surveyed. Doctors said the motive is a drive for profits, while the insurers said it's necessary to hold down the costs for businesses that usually pay the majority of health care premiums.

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